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    News 2011

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    16 Jun 2011
    Dr. Reggie Perera, Senior Fellow. IHP was invited to be a Resource Person at the Private Public Partnership Conference held in Singapore, from the 14th - 15th of June.
    Dr. Perera was invited to be a Resource Person at the Private Healthcare World Asia 2011, held in Singapore, from the 13th - 17th of June, 2011. Private Healthcare World Asia 2011 is uniquely positioned as Asia's first event where healthcare operators, developers, managed care organizations, insurance firms, investors and partners gather to identify business development, investment, capital raising and strategic collaboration opportunities in the growing private healthcare market in Asia. Dr. Perera's experience in initiating policies and strategies relating to Private Public Mix, implementing and monitoring same during his period of service in the Ministry of Health was considered a major contribution in fullfilling his role as a resource person. He Moderated a session on Asian experience in PPP. ppp.GIF

    3 Jun 2011
    IHP DICA team organized and participated at the strategic planning workshops for the districts of Vavuniya, NuwaraELiya, Hambantota and Monaragala.
    The IHP District Investment Case team consisting of Dr. Shanti Dalpatadu, Senior fellow, Shanaz Saleem, Sarasi Amarasinghe and Indika Kumari organized and participated at the Strategic Planning workshops for finalizing District Investment Case Analysis (DICA) for Achieving Health Related MDGs in the districts of Vavuniya, NuwaraEliya, Hambantota and Monaragala on the 21, 24, 26 and 27 of May 2011 respectively. These workshops are part of the ongoing investment case project in the four districts carried out by IHP in partnership with UNICEF and the MoH. The objectives of the workshops were to discuss the feasible scenarios and to identify the efficient and cost effective scenarios to overcome the bottlenecks in the districts, to provide a forum to discuss and refine strategies that can be implemented immediately in the local context and to build the capacity of the district health officials in handling the MBB tool. The offices of the Regional Director of Health Services of the respective districts were the main coordinating institution from the districts and more than 20 district and provincial health officials from each district took part in these workshops. dica.JPG

    15 Feb 2011
    Dr. R.P. Rannan-Eliya participated in the expert consultation organized by the Indian Government's High Level Expert Group on Universal Health Coverage
    Dr. R.P. Rannan-Eliya, Director, participated as an international expert in the consultation meeting organized by Public Health Foundation of India, to review the Progress Report of the High Level Expert Group (HLEG) on Universal Health Coverage. The HLEG was instituted in October 2010 by the Planning Commission of India, following the interest of the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, to review and advise on strategic options for expanding healthcare coverage in India, and achieving universal healthcare coverage. The closed-door consultation was held in Delhi, from 14-15 February, to allow external experts to review and provide feedback on the HLEG's first progress report. The HLEG represents a major effort by Indian policy-makers and experts to chart a way towards improving healthcare coverage and health outcomes in India. Dr Rannan-Eliya was the only regional expert to attend the meeting, which was also attended by experts and officials from India, World Bank and UK DFID.

    Dr Rannan-Eliya was interviewed by the Hindu newspaper whilst in Delhi, and he commented on the similarities between recent successful health policy innovations in Tamil Nadu and long-established policies in Sri Lanka, which provide important evidence of the relevance of Sri Lanka's historical experience to the Indian context, as well as the feasibility of replicating many of Sri Lanka's policies in India.

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