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    Universal health coverage: The potential contribution of hybrid funding strategies

    Review of Commonwealth Mixed Public-Private Funding Models

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    Rannan-Eliya, R.P., Amarasinghe, S.N., Nilamudeen, A.
    17 May 2016 | 35 pages

    Abstract:The challenge facing developing countries, and by extension the majority of Commonwealth nations, is that achieving UHC requires not only substantial resources but also appropriate means. This is where the experience of several Commonwealth nations is of particular relevance. Many have been able to make substantial progress towards UHC despite spending far less than their peers, suggesting an alternative means or route to moving towards UHC.

    In all the cases reviewed, governments have focused on maximizing universal or equal access to services for both rich and poor, and reducing exposure to financial risk, whilst minimizing government spending. In Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Hong Kong, governments have funded a public delivery system, whilst Australia and Ireland also use public funding to pay for access to private doctors and hospitals.

    Despite the strong emphasis on public funding, the need to minimize government spending has meant that all the governments have been unable to increase spending to emulate either the Beveridge or Bismarck models. Instead they have had to allow private financing and provision to fill the gap.

    The hybrid systems exist in quite diverse settings, yet use similar mechanisms to combine public and private funding to maximize coverage and financial protection. Their very diversity strengthens the case for these cases representing a common approach that has wider lessons for the world.




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