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    Review of Social Protection Policies and Programmes Strengthening Family Well-being

    Report of the National Workshop on Enhancing Family Well-being through Social Protection and Effective Delivery of Social Services

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    A T P L Abeykoon, Ruwanthi Elawalagedara
    14 Mar 2008 | 47 pages

    Abstract:Sri Lanka’s social protection has three main elements: employment protection and promotion social security/insurance and safety nets. While some social protection programs have a universal coverage (eg. Health and Education) the others are specially targeted programs (Samurdhi, old age, disability, conflict affected). There are noticeable weaknesses in all three core areas of social protection. While Sri Lanka’s social insurance schemes provide some measure of protection, they offer limited coverage, provide inadequate benefits, have weak administrations and regulation, and, crucially, their financial sustainability is in question.




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