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    Impact of Out-of-Pocket Expenditures on Families and Barriers to Use of Maternal and Child Health Services in Bangladesh

    Findings from the ADB RETA-6515 Study

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      Download from ADB website (573.9KB)
    Rannan-Eliya, R.P., J. Jayanthan, C. Anuranga
    14 Dec 2012 | 8 pages

    Abstract:The high burden of maternal and child ill health in Bangladesh is due primarily to inadequate access to and use of essential MNCH services. Bangladesh has made progress in improving MNCH outcomes, but continued gains depend on further improving access and coverage. This is particularly the case for childbirth, where increased use of skilled birth attendance and facility-based delivery is critical. Inadequate use of essential MNCH services is linked to significant disparities in access and outcomes. Poor mothers and children usually do not make use of MOHFW services when they are sick, and they rely mostly on pharmacies and other private providers, or often go without any care at all.




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