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    Sri Lanka Health Accounts : National Health Expenditures 19902006

    IHP Health Expenditure Series No. 1

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    T. Fernando, R. Rannan-Eliya, J. M. H. Jayasundara
    1 Sep 2011 | ISBN 978-955-1707-08-8| 124 pages

    Sri Lanka Health Accounts illustrates National Health Expenditure for all years between 1990 and 2006, by sources of funding and areas of expenditure.

    Expenditure is analysed in terms of who provides the funding for health care sources of financing, which organizations deliver those services providers, what types of services are financed with those funds functions, and where those expenditures occur by province and district. Both sources of financing and providers are also categorized according to public and private sectors.

    The system of reporting used is the Sri Lankan Health Accounts Framework, which is based on the World Health Organization (WHO) endorsed System of Health Accounts (OECD SHA), published by the OECD (2000).

    The tables and figures in this publication present expenditures in terms of current and constant prices.

    International comparisons of expenditure are also made with a selection of territories in the Asia-Pacific region, drawing on the work of Asia-Pacific National Health Accounts Network (APNHAN), WHO and OECD.




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