Interview with EconomyNext — “Blaming the public is an admission of failure”

I am posting here a link to an unplanned interview that I did with EconomyNext, since unexpectedly it has attracted a lot of interest.

Just some background on the genesis of this. EconomyNext originally approached me requesting my comments on the situation and partly as follow-up to my previous post here as part of something else they were writing. As I was too busy to respond on the phone, they emailed me a set of specific questions, for which I hurriedly wrote some responses off the cuff. Then, instead of writing their planned article, they decided to print verbatim their original questions and my comments as a Q&A article. Which reminds me that sometimes the best things you write are the ones that involve the least thought …

Here’s the link:

I should just express my appreciation of the journalist involved – Himal Kotelawala, who I don’t know and whom I’ve never met, but who was absolutely professional throughout our exchange, and was very quick to correct an error in the original version of the article.