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    Our staff are our most valuable asset in achieving our mission of improving health systems and outcomes in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. IHP is always interested to recruit qualified and dedicated employee partners to further our research objectives, our communications and outreach efforts, as well as to improve our organizational efficiency.

    The Institute from time to time has specific openings in a range of positions in research, statistics, policy analysis, communications and administration, but we are always open to talking to highly-qualified researchers with high dedication and motivation for a career in health policy, health economics and health systems research. We are also in a position to provide internships to university students in a relevant field or discipline at any time, depending largely on availability of supervisors.

    IHP is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender and ethnicity. Consistent with our views on need to encourage active ageing, we are committed to providing employment opportunities to qualified, older people without discrimination on the grounds of age or arbitrary retirement ages.

    Further information on current openings will be posted below. Older postings may also be shown to provide guidance on the kinds of recruit we are usually interested in. If you feel you are an exceptional candidate to join our staff but there is no current vacancy please express your interest by email to the address indicated in the job postings.


    Current openings


    Previous openings


    Research Associates (Ref: IHP/HR/2101)

    Posted 25 May 2021 - Deadline 13 June 2021

    Research Assistants/Research Officers (Ref: IHP/HR/2102)

    Posted 25 May 2021 - Deadline 13 June 2021

    Research Associates (Ref: IHP/HR/1906)

    More Details >>
    Posted 02 Feb 2020 - Deadline 17 Feb 2020

    Research Assistants/Research Officers (Ref: IHP/HR/1907)

    More Details >>
    Posted 02 Feb 2020 - Deadline 17 Feb 2020
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