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    Sri Lanka Disease Specific Accounts

    Project ID: HA-009 Status: Completed

    Sri Lanka’s health accounts currently describe the overall flow of spending in the health sector, but to date it has not allowed analysis of these flows by disease or demographic group. With funding from WHO, IHP in this project is piloting development of estimates of expenditure by disease and demographic group (age and sex). This work is based on work done in some OECD countries, and involves development of methods to apportion spending in the main health accounts to ICD-10 disease categories. As of August 2007, the analysis was largely completed, and IHP is now engaged in preparing its report on the results. The provisional results indicated that spending by age and sex resembles that in Australia, where similar studies have been done, and suggest that there is insufficient spending on major NCDs, such as asthma and ischaemic heart disease, and also that spending on adult men may be too low.

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     Project at a glance  Project team
    Start Date: Apr 2006
    End Date: Mar 2008
    Themes: Health accounts, Methodology
    Sponsor(s): WHO
    Client: WHO
    IHP Staff: T Fernando, RP Rannan-Eliya, KCS Dalpatadu, Hiru de Silva
     Location  Further information
    Region: Sri Lanka
    Country(s): Sri Lanka
    Partner(s): Ministry of Health
    More details: IHP Sri Lanka Health Accounts
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