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    24 Mar 2019: Dr. Abeykoon awarded the Gold Medal
    6 Mar 2019: Let's Report
    15 Jan 2019: Dr. Abeykoon contributes to the NSF’s signature publication
    20 Jul 2017: National Consultative Meeting to adopt the Country Diagnostic Study on Long-Term Care for Elders in Sri Lanka
    15 Jul 2017: Dr. Abeykoon Contributes to the Publication on Ageing
    9 Feb 2017: IHP hosts long term care for the elderly stakeholder meeting
    9 Dec 2016: Dr. Reggie Perera delivers Key Note Address
    4 Oct 2016: Dr. Abeykoon participates at the South-East Asian Seminar on Ageing
    1 Jun 2016: Dr. Abeykoon attends the Pension Experts Meeting
    22 Mar 2016: Dr. Dalpatadu inducted as the President College of Medical Administrators
    30 Nov 2015: Dr. Rannan-Eliya makes a presentation at the International Conference on Maternal and Child Nutrition
    22 Oct 2015: Dr. Reggie Perera Guest of Honour at the 8th Annual Academic Sessions of the "Gal Oya Nimna Clinical Association"
    24 Sep 2015: MoU between IHP and MoH will benefit both parties and the country
    31 Jul 2015: Health officials from Myanmar attend a seminar at IHP
    26 Jun 2015: IHP conducts training workshop on disease accounts for BNHA Cell
    26 Apr 2015: IHP partners in the conduct of 2015 Asia Regional Flagship Course
    18 Dec 2014: Dr Abeykoon participates at the Fifth International Seminar for South–South Cooperation
    4 Dec 2014: IHP Design Specialist Awarded 1st Place at HIV/AIDS Poster Competition
    1 Dec 2014: Dr. Abeykoon appointed to the Editorial Board of Asia-Pacific Population Journal
    12 Nov 2014: Dr Reggie Perera and Puwanesh participate in international conference
    12 Nov 2014: IHP to manage Asia Health Systems Research Capacity Strengthening Initiative
    4 Sep 2014: Dr. Reggie Perera delivers Dr. Malinga Fernando Oration 2014
    27 Aug 2014: Dr. Rannan-Eliya speaks on the importance of local research in developing health strategy at the KDU International Research Conference
    14 Aug 2014: IHP staff contribute to the National Atlas of Sri Lanka
    12 May 2014: Meeting of the APLMA Regional Malaria Financing Task Force, Hong Kong
    4 May 2014: Dr. R.P. Rannan-Eliya and Nirmali Sivapragasam participate in the OECD SHA Training Course in Paris
    28 Mar 2014: IHP presents research findings at the Pre Congress Sessions of the College of Medical Administrators
    7 Mar 2014: Asia Regional Flagship Course on Health Systems Strengthening and Sustainable Financing held in Bangkok
    29 Jan 2014: Dr. Rannan-Eliya receives President’s Award for Scientific Publication
    8 Nov 2013: IHP contributes towards developing a National Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
    21 Sep 2013: IHP conducts training workshop on health accounts for Bangladesh team
    2 Sep 2013: Keynote presentation by Dr Rannan-Eliya at College of Community Dentistry of Sri Lanka Annual Sessions 2013
    1 Sep 2013: IHP accredited by PGIM as post-graduate training center
    1 Sep 2013: IHP presents research findings at the SLMA-CMASL-IHP joint Research Symposium on Quality of Healthcare in Sri Lanka
    31 Aug 2013: 2008 IHP Report spins-off World Bank Policy Research Working Paper on Multisectoral Preventive Health Services in Sri Lanka
    10 Jul 2013: IHP delivers presentations at the 9th iHEA World Congress
    9 Jul 2013: Dr. Rannan-Eliya presents consensus of GNHE researchers at the iHEA
    7 Jul 2013: Dr. Nilmini Wijemanne presents two papers at the Private Sector in Health Symposium
    26 Jun 2013: Dr. Prasanna Cooray joins TV discussion on dengue control
    24 Jun 2013: Dr. Nilmini Wijemanne attends OECD Disease Expenditures Experts Meeting
    3 May 2013: IHP contributes to the National Action Plan for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights, 2011-2016
    3 May 2013: Dr. Abeykoon presents paper on Sri Lanka achievements at UNFPA Bangkok Seminar
    21 Apr 2013: IHP presented research findings from two studies at the Private Health Sector Review
    19 Apr 2013: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon presents a paper at the Pension Experts Meeting
    22 Sep 2012: Dr. Rannan-Eliya delivers a keynote address at the HASA Conference
    19 Jul 2012: IHP shares Sri Lanka's healthcare experience with Johnson and Johnson worldwide
    1 Dec 2011: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon appointed to the Editorial Board of IJMA
    1 Nov 2011: Evaluation Mission of the UNESCAP Asia-Pacific Population Journal
    2 Oct 2011: Training programme for novel surveillance system for malaria
    28 Sep 2011: NGO advocacy meeting for National AIDS Spending Assessment (NASA) 2011
    28 Aug 2011: Consultative Seminar on Family Policy for Sri Lanka
    24 Aug 2011: Below to above replacement: increased fertility and its determinants in Sri Lanka, collaborative efforts of Chamara Anuranga of IHP
    9 Aug 2011: The National Aids Spending Assessment (NASA) 2011
    8 Aug 2011: Training programme for novel surveillance system for malaria
    18 Jul 2011: Dr. A.T.P.L Abeykoon, Senior Fellow presented a paper on "The Demographic Transition: Opportunities and Challenges - The Case of Sri Lanka" at the 27th Asian Parliamentarians's Meeting on Population a
    11 Jul 2011: IHP and Equitap Network participates at the iHEA, 8th World Congress in Toronto.
    16 Jun 2011: Dr. Reggie Perera, Senior Fellow. IHP was invited to be a Resource Person at the Private Public Partnership Conference held in Singapore, from the 14th - 15th of June.
    3 Jun 2011: IHP DICA team organized and participated at the strategic planning workshops for the districts of Vavuniya, NuwaraELiya, Hambantota and Monaragala.
    15 Feb 2011: Dr. R.P. Rannan-Eliya participated in the expert consultation organized by the Indian Government's High Level Expert Group on Universal Health Coverage
    10 Dec 2010: Flagship Course on Equity and Health Systems
    8 Dec 2010: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon, presents the paper on “Reproductive Health and Family Planning Programme in Sri Lanka: Achievements and Challenges”.
    20 Nov 2010: Dr. A.T.P.L Abeykoon participates at the Asian Population Association Conference held in New Delhi from 16-20 November, 2010.
    17 Nov 2010: Dr. R.P. Rannan-Eliya gives keynote on the State of the Art Research into Universal Health Coverage at the WHO Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, Montreux
    27 Jul 2010: Dr. Rannan-Eliya receives Presidential Awards for published scientific research!
    5 Jul 2010: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon presents at the CACCI conference 5-7 July 2010, Colombo, Sri Lanka
    2 Jun 2010: Stakeholder Consultation on Asia Pacific Observatory on Health Systems and Policies
    7 Jan 2010: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon appointed member of UNFPA Asia and Pacific Regional Programme Advisory Group
    15 Dec 2009: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon, advisor at the Regional Consultation on a Strategic Framework for Active Healthy Ageing in the South-East Asia Region
    12 Dec 2009: Shanaz Saleem awarded gold medal for best paper at the South Asian Economics Student’s Meet (SAESM)
    23 Nov 2009: National workshop on social disparities in the Maldives
    17 Nov 2009: Dr. Shanti Dalpatadu appointed member of the National Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) Streering Committee
    1 Oct 2009: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon Served as a member of the drafting committee on the section on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of the National Action Plan for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights
    20 Aug 2009: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon presents at the Expert Group Meeting at UNESCAP on The Progress and challenges in Achieving the Health-related Millenium Development Goals in South Asia
    17 Feb 2009: Launch of Japanese Report to G8: Sri Lankan experts recommend using financial crisis to advance global health
    5 Feb 2009: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon presents at the Expert Group Meeting at UNESCAP.
    28 Jan 2009: Dr. Rannan-Eliya presents the IHP health financing recommendations for the G8 at the Prince Mahidol Award Conference in Bangkok.
    6 Jan 2009: Urban HEART Advisory Group meets for first time in Kobe, Japan
    20 Nov 2008: Ruwanthi Elwelagedera presents IHP's work on SPI indices at the Joint ADB/ILO/OECD/RCHSP Technical Workshop on Social Protection Data
    19 Nov 2008: Dr. Rannan-Eliya discusses key issues in health systems research the 4th Annual Nossal Global Health Forum, Melbourne
    19 Oct 2008: Dr. Rannan-Eliya leads WHO Seminar in Maldives on the Social Determinants of Health
    15 Oct 2008: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon observes and monitors the North Korean population census with UNFPA
    12 Oct 2008: Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon elected Secretary General of the Asian Population Association for 2009-2010
    9 Sep 2008: IHP research team presents findings on the impacts of ageing in Sri Lanka at World Bank Workshop
    8 Aug 2008: Dr Rannan-Eliya and Dr Samarage (MOH) participate in WHO Conference on Revitalizing Primary Healthcare, Jakarta
    11 Jul 2008: The Fifth Equitap Meeting is held in Korea
    20 May 2008: Dr, Rannan-Eliya presents at the ILO Asia-Pacific Regional High-Level Meeting on Socially-Inclusive Strategies to Extend Social Security Coverage
    12 Apr 2008: Dr. Rannan-Eliya participates in the UNICEF Consultation on Equity in Access to Quality Health Care for Women and Children in Halong Bay, Vietnam
    31 Mar 2008: Who pays for healthcare in Asia? Equitap findings published in Journal of Health Econmics
    11 Mar 2008: Dr. Rannan-Eliya presents IHP review of the G8's health financing agenda at the high-level international conference on health systems challenges, Tokyo
    22 Feb 2008: Dr Rannan-Eliya participates in World Bank-Hitotsubashi University Workshop on Closing the Coverage Gap, Tokyo
    6 Feb 2008: IHP assists World Bank to review and share experience with research networks on health systems and policies
    8 Dec 2007: WHO consultation discusses regional agenda for active and healthy ageing
    14 Nov 2007: Dr A.T.P.L. Abeykoon presents paper at Expert Group Meeting on MDG Supplementary Targets and Indicators in Bangkok
    30 Oct 2007: Dr Rannan-Eliya participates in Global Health Forum 11 Beijing
    18 Oct 2007: Dr Rannan-Eliya gives keynote talk at the WHO High Level Meeting on Promoting Health Equity in Cambodia
    2 Oct 2007: Fazana Saleem-Ismail shares IHP research on decomposing health inequalities at regional conference
    10 Sep 2007: Ministry of Health requests all departments and institutes to assist IHP in its survey of policy-maker opinions on health promotion financing
    11 Jul 2007: IHP participates in IHEA 2007 World Congress in Copenhagen
    1 Jul 2007: IHP Staff leads Seminar to finalize Standard Treatment Protocols (STPs) for priority NCDs in Maldives
    20 Jun 2007: Third Joint OECD/Korea RCHSP-APNHAN Meeting of Regional Health Accounts Experts held in Seoul, Korea
    19 Jun 2007: United Nations releases the World Economic and Social Survey 2007, which draws upon IHP research
    4 May 2007: Dr Rannan-Eliya and Dr Somanathan attend CCGHR-BRAC Workshop on Partnerships for Health Research
    30 Apr 2007: United Nations ESCAP releases its Theme Study on the Challenges facing regional Health Systems in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Asia and the Pacific
    23 Apr 2007: Dr. Shanti Dalpatadu leads inception mission to Maldives to initiate NCD Project
    4 Apr 2007: Maldives signs contract for rationalizing NCDs with IHP consortium
    30 Mar 2007: Equitap findings presented at WHO Commission on Social Determinants and Health seminar at WHO Headquarters, Geneva
    27 Mar 2007: New IHP logo adopted!
    20 Mar 2007: WHO Commission on Social Determinants and Health contracts IHP to conduct analysis of health inequalities in WHO-SEARO countries.
    11 Mar 2007: JICA-IHP Seminar on Asia– Africa Knowledge Co-Creation Program shares Sri Lankan knowledge and experience in hospital TQM with African hospital leaders
    10 Feb 2007: IHP makes significant contributions at Ministry of Health's Annual Health Forum 2007
    9 Feb 2007: Health Master Plan launched by Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition
    31 Jan 2007: Equitap comparative analysis of incidence of government health spending in Asian countries published by World Bank Economic Review
    12 Oct 2006: Lancet publishes results of Equitap study of the poverty impact of out-of-pocket spending on health in Asia
    24 Jul 2006: Conference on National Health Expenditure, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan
    29 Jun 2006: IHP Fellows appointed to expert review committee to finalise Health Master Plan
    26 Jun 2006: Field work for IHP Survey of IDPs completed
    10 Jun 2006: Lankani graduates from Oxford University!
    8 Jun 2006: Aparnaa Somanathan awarded doctoral degree by Harvard University
    20 May 2006: Poster selection makes for four IHP staff research abstracts selected for presentation at Global Forum 10!
    19 May 2006: Second IHP abstract accepted for Global Forum 10 Conference
    19 May 2006: BOI Incentives Study to be presented in Global Forum 10, Cairo
    19 May 2006: Dr Rannan-Eliya presents on issues related to extending social protection to the informal sector at World Bank workshop
    18 May 2006: Dr Wijesinghe selected to present IHP work on health spending projections at Global Forum 10 Conference, Cairo
    12 May 2006: Melanie Wirekoon graduates as member of the ICSA
    7 Mar 2006: Review of future Asia health policy challenges released at "Asia 2015 Conference", London
    25 Feb 2006: National workshop held to discuss findings of ILO Social Security Inquiry
    26 Jan 2006: Dr Rannan-Eliya appointed to the WHO Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research STAC
    17 Dec 2005: Ruwanthi Elwelagedera presents on Sri Lanka's adolescent reproductive health policies at World Bank Delhi workshop
    26 Sep 2005: Dr Rannan-Eliya makes presentation at Ceylon Chamber of Commerce
    31 Aug 2005: Institute for Health Policy formally established!
    11 Jun 2005: Dr. Shanti Dalpatadu joins IHP as Senior Fellow
    9 May 2005: Dr. Reggie Perera joins the IHP start-up team as Senior Fellow
    20 Apr 2005: Dr Rannan-Eliya attends WHO INTRA-III Project Workshop
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