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    The qualty of care in outpatient primary care in public and private sectors in Malaysia

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    May Chien Chin, Sheamini Sivasampu, Nilmini Wijemunige, Ravindra P Rannan-Eliya, Rifat Atun
    19 Oct 2019 | 9 pages

    Abstract: In Malaysia, first-contact, primary care is provided by parallel public and private sectors, which are completely separate in organization, financing and governance. As the country considers new approaches to financing, including using public schemes to pay for private care, it is crucial to examine the quality of clinical care in the two sectors to make informed decisions on public policy. This study intends to measure and compare the quality of clinical care between public and private primary care services in Malaysia and, to the extent possible, assess quality with the developed economies that Malasia aspires to join.




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