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    Mapping Study on the Capacity and Work Experiences of the Counseling Officers / Assistants Attached to the Ministries of Social Services and Child Development and Women�s Affairs

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    Dr. MALR Perera, Ananda Galappatti, Dr. Shanti Dalpatadu, Nilanga Abeysinghe, Evan Ekanayake, Felician Francis, Chamara Anuranga, Bhagya Senarathne, Dilini Adikari, Tharshana Kugadas
    31 Aug 2013 | 92 pages

    Abstract:The capacity and work of the 96 Counseling Assistants (CAs) attached to the Ministry of Social Services (MSS) and 7 Counseling Officers (COs) of the Ministry of Child Development and Women�s Affairs (MCDWA) working across the country were assessed. While there was a female preponderance of CO/CAs, they on average served a population of 133,000. The commonest problems encountered by these categories of staff include the marital/ family problems (41.4%), educational problems (13.8%) and mental disorders and psychological problems (11%).

    The diversity and complexity of problems dealt with by CAs often exceeds the initial training they have received. However, through self-study and ad hoc or supplementary training they have sought to improve their skills and knowledge. While the CAs dealt with many serious psychosocial problems at community level, were also committed to their own professional development and improving the services they provide.




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