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    Malaysia Health Care Demand Analysis

    Inequalities in Healthcare Demand & Simulation of Trends and Impact of Potential Changes in Healthcare Spending

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      Download from IHSR website (10.58MB)
    Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya, Chamara Anuranga, Adilius Manual, Ruwani Wickramasinghe, Prasadini Perera, Shanaz Saleem, Jayalal Chandrasiri, Indra Pathmanathan and IHSR Core Team
    31 Dec 2013 | ISBN 978-967-5398-49-0| 136 pages

    Abstract:This study provides a systematic snapshot using national data of some of the gains that Malaysia has made in making its health system more equitable. As a result of sustained expansions in healthcare coverage, use of healthcare services in Malaysia has reached levels comparable to that in OECD nations. Use of public sector outpatient services show a clear pro-poor gradient, and use of private sector outpatient services is pro-rich to an equal extent. This pattern has been stable since the 1970s.

    Out-of-pocket expenditures (OOPE) account for just over one third of all financing, and 1%�2% of household budgets. Malaysia�s health system is an exceptionally good performer in protecting its people against financial risks associated with medical care.

    To project future healthcare expenditures, we developed an actuarial-cost projection model similar to that used by OECD nations. The projection model indicates that under current trends and with no structural changes in the health system, current health expenditures in Malaysia will increase from 3.7% of GDP in 2011 to 4.4% by 2030. We built a simulation model that reveals that the Malaysian healthcare system currently achieves significant redistribution of resources from rich to poor households. These results suggest that the choices over future healthcare financing and delivery arrangements also involve choices over the distributive impact of the healthcare system.




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